The legend tells that years ago every casino in Las Vegas had a three-piece chicken dinner with a potato and a veggie for $1.79. A standard table bet back then was $2, hence when you won a bet it was known you had enough to buy yourself a chicken dinner. It was then and there that the glorious victory praise of gamblers all over the world was born...

"Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!!"

About Us

ChickenDinner, Inc. is a San Francisco based startup, on a mission to bring the social, competitive model of traditional fantasy sports to the deep, dark world of good old fashion sports betting. Learn to play, and sharpen your skills, within our free weekly Rotisserie (real cash payouts)... then if you need more action, hustle your own friends in a private league (also free). Most importantly, we love feedback....beat us up or give us love anytime, by emailing us below.

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